“Deadline” – 11’x2′- Plaster Cast 11″ columns with oil based Etchings embedded in plaster laying in volcanic sand. Deadline represents our prison cells with the only way out is changing our perceptions. Installed during Open Studio Tour, Cressman Center, University of Louisville KY – 2016

Etching in Plaster, M Eye 2015

“Deadline” Close Up – Oil Based Etching in 3″x3″ acrylic



My Dharma Wheel 2015 – 5’8″ my height. This wall installation is created with over 1,oo0 of  1/8″ wood slices from 8′ studs, in four layers. With no framework other than radial symmetry – concentric and radial pattern each piece is glued one to another with wood glue. The natural pattern of the wood is stained. Displayed at Mellwood Art Center, Bridge Gallery 2015 – current

Compassion Installation - 345 plaster castings placed in a concentric pattern surrounded by painted wax pigment lotus petals. 6' in diameter.

Compassion Installation – 345 plaster castings placed in a concentric pattern surrounded by painted wax pigment lotus petals. 6′ in diameter, located at Shine Wellness Studio, Louisville KY



“Parkland Totem” – 18′ with Kinetic Sculpture Topper. This Center for Neighborhood PAINT Project, each level of the totem was worked on by seven local communities that selected objects signifying their role in community. Concentric stenciled growth rings were painted on the building to signify community growth. You can find this totem located on 28th St. in Parkland one of the oldest neighborhoods in Louisville KY. Partnered with local artist Aron Conway -2014

Center For Neighborhood PAINT Project "Parkland Totem" 18'

Center For Neighborhood PAINT Project “Parkland Totem” 18′ pre-topper was installed with “When I Graduate” Chalkboard, Louisville KY

Carbide Industries Memorial 2013

Carbide Industries Memorial – Designed around concentric circles, the bricks and 8′ steel column were reclaimed materials. The steel column was painted as a flame, Louisville KY 2014

Youth Build:LVAA- Open Doors Program - Cedar &Paint Installation 5'x14' 2013 copy

“Phoenix Rising” YouthBuild, Louisville KY – This project was supported from a grant by Louisville Visual Art – Open Doors Program. Substrate and small acrylic painted blocks were both bought and reclaimed. This 14’x4’x2.5″ wall installation lives in the hall of YouthBuild.

Herman - A Sculptural Water Catchment Permanent Installation 2013-14

“Herman” – A Sculptural Water Catchment, is a creative community based art sculpture is located in the rain garden at YouthBuild, Louisville KY. Herman is designed after the water strider bug promoting sustainable activism for our most precious resource, water.

Trees for the Forest 2014

“Trees For the Forest” 7′ in Diameter – Trees for the Forest speaks to the cause of deforestation. Wood Substrate painted with 12″, milk paint and transfer prints. Location: MammothWarehouse, Louisville KY 2013


Wall Installations – with plaster elements and wax painted pigment. #1 “Eyes of Awareness” #2 – Expansion #3 Go to the mountain and Sit. Shine Wellness Studio 2014

Concentric Maple 2D Installation 4' x 4' copy

Concentric Maple 4’x4′ – painted background with photo transfer prints of the maple leaf. Consider Boutique and Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Louisville KY 2014

MindBodySpirit 2015 copy

Mind, Body, Spirit – Plaster sculpture casting with wool and wood base covered with a written meditation ” Body Like a Mountain, Spirit like the Wind, Mind like the Sky, Voices of the Symbol, Evolving Gallery Exhibition, Louisville KY 2014

Normal Heart 2010 copy

Normal Heart Installation – Louisville Visual Art / Open Door Program. I worked with UofL LGBT community to create an entry way that represented the concept of the play “The Normal Heart”. This temporary installation space of 14’x24’x14′ included, an interactive veiled wall of screen printed imagery of the AIDS epidemic, two 14′ painted walls, one with the prom that inspired the author to write the play and a mandala blessing painted on the floor. LOT Gallery, Louisville KY 2010


In The Course of Human Events – Louisville Visual Art 911 Exhibition – “Ground Zero”- 11’x11′ painted mixed media canvas, Louisville Ky 2010


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