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Playshop- Intuitive Drawing and Painting

1, 3, 6 week Course For Group and Individual Playshops

Playshops instead of workshops emphasis PRACTICE for the FUN of IT and PLAY because this is how we find JOY and JOY leads to insight and inner change.

Being intuitive is immediate knowledge or powerful motivation without the use of reason. Intuitive gesture is energetic, flexible, non-linear, non-specific and constantly open for adjustment. We can activate this powerful motivation at any moment in our lives by practicing mindfulness and creativity.

Some think of creativity as a technique or method when really its a way of being. Waking every morning is the beginning of creating our day, how we will choose to think, move, feed ourselves and interact with others. We are the creators of our own lives, we are born this way. In group or individual Playshop sessions we can support this gentle way of discovery and how creativity can flourish in our everyday lives.

These two hour Playshop sessions are designed to help you tap into creativity through intuition and authenticity. Allowing for the nourishment of playful creative flow, gesture and process to wash over the many blocks that have been stored in our bodies.

Techniques, Methods and Materials will be introduced in each Playshop. Each method will scaffold to the next. Drawing and painting are two different ways of creative communication, you will naturally be drawn to one or the other, or one can naturally lead you to the other.

Drawing is essentially mark making, as you learn to trust the marks that you make you begin to intuitively trust and believe the creative stories of line and pattern that come from the inside not copying the outside. You are in direct contact with hand on surface, leading you in self communication about what you feel and see as you follow line through your process.

Drawing Media include: Graphite, Charcoal, Conte, Pastel

Painting is a natural flow of material ,the element of water, color and the brush as a partner. The brush becomes part of the process, playing on the surface, showing you the way of flow of color, form, shape.

Painting Media: Water Color, Tempera, Acrylic

Mindfulness Meditation  will help prepare the way to letting go and unfolding to your creative way. We will begin each Playshop with a 10 minute mindful meditation body scan. This will allow for alpha waves to reduce stress and prepare the way for the intuitive process to open.

Mindful Movement will help prepare the body and mind to play together during the creative process. We will spend 10 minutes doing yogic breathing, stretching and mindful walking that will help activate the intuitive process.

Guided Imagery will motivate and cause imagination to flourish into insightful creative experience, made by you, for you.

The Creative Process  ( 60 mins.) is a non verbal process during these Playshops. I encourage as little verbalizing as possible. Communication is kept to visual and body communication, learning new ways to just be with each other without the ever present critic wanting to judge or critique. There will be time to share and group reflect (voluntarily) at the end of each Playshop during.

Creative Space and Clean Up – Learning to clean your area, care for your supplies and materials is important. We will care for our space as it is our sacred entry into our creative process. Wherever you create, make way for good energy to make a path to exciting creativity. So keep your space and supplies tidy and ready for the next creative journey.

 Refection/Journaling – (After clean Up)Each Playshop will include a short time of group reflection and journal entry. Group reflection will be voluntary but encouraged, reflecting about your own discoveries and process helps connect community. Journal entries helps you to process thoughts and feelings about your creative process with immediacy which can lead to insight. And reflecting on journal entries outside of playshop can become create constant open insight in everyday living.

Make a Creative Space at Home – Create a space within your home where you can create! Make it a space that you can get messy and creativity.

Playshop Sessions

Session 1 “Hand and Heart” – Connect & Capture the Creative Force- Learn to love your marks  and recognize your style. Drawing through Dominate, Non-Dominate Hand, Gesture and Contour – Charcoal, Graphite, Conte on Paper

Session 2   “Letting Go” – Blocks, Breath and Balance – Let go of Negative Creative Conditioning, Create Balance, Recreate positive space. Drawing with Color pastels

Session 3  “There Are No Mistakes” – Color, Composition & Compassion – Being playful and accepting emotions as they arise, move out of your own way and allow your creativity to emerge! Color Harmonies, Wet on Wet technique / Water Color

Session 4  “Passion & Possibilities” – Facing Fears and Embracing the Unknown, when you respond and listen to your inner voice, your creative choices will take you in new directions. Find your color palette, learning the choices and combine drawing and painting. Mixed Media on board!

Session 5   “ Appreciate the Creative Process” Release the need to control, open yourself to the magic of the moment with spontaneity and joy.  Painting with Acrylic on vertical canvas.

Session 6  “ Be Gentle with Yourself “ – Breakthroughs come by breathing through the stuck moments, supporting & seeking, and making up your own rules. Painting / Media Media on Horizontal Board or Canvas.


Simple supplies are suggested for all sessions, but not enforced, use what you have or partner up with someone! A separate supply list is created for each session. The idea is to have built up a supply resource to create a home studio / creative space!

General Supplies – Charcoal, Graphite, Conte, Kneaded Erasers, Newsprint, Drawing Paper ( These supplies are included in the first class fee to use during class not to take home)

By the end of six sessions students will have built a sizable art supply resource!

Continuing Sessions – Intermediate / Advanced Sessions Available

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