My Dharma Wheel 2015 – 5’8″- my height

   I seek ways to inspire, represent the human spirit, and create awareness of sustainable and divine practices. The continuum of life found in living patterns, natural rhythms merging with divine beauty are a few of the motivating forces in my work and personal life.

   As a mixed media installation artist I currently create in wood, plaster, casting and mold making, relief and sculpture, printmaking, drawing, natural fibers and earth materials. I’m always in search for repurposed, reclaimed or the opportune material to juxtapose any natural materials.

   I explore the idea of the circle as an archetype, a symbol of wholeness and interconnectivity. The circle or the mandala seeks to illustrate chaos and order as a system of balance, the beauty of the circle continuous leads to no beginning and no end, life continuously creating itself and the magic of self -assembly.

   My passion in the last decade has been community art building. Several local projects have been permanent and temporary art installations throughout the city of Louisville KY.  I love how the creative process unfolds when community engages as social ideas grow into expanding new ways to live and thrive.

I am currently seeking fellowships and residencies to expand beyond my local borders to support and integrate social activism through creative community building on a global scale. 


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